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Matteo Citarella - Poema canadiense Nº1

from Compiladito Nº1 by Uva Robot



Matteo Citarella acaba de regresar de un intercambio de estudios a Canadá y cursa cuarto medio cuando compone esta canción. Dueño de una voz tan profunda y elocuente como la de un falso profeta, este lozano mesías nos entrega una obra maestra de la misoginia teledirigida. Dios tenga misericordia de quien la reciba.



I wish she would be here,
Her words as smooth as bakery whispers in the night.

The need of her
As loud as a hot dog for my stomach.

But she…

She is as expensive as Pamela Anderson
Or as a lonely Sunday afternoon.

I can tell her hair waving in the darkness,
She is as beautiful as a sunrise
But as common
As a Russian landowner fornicating with the cows.

And her movements charm my masculinity
Like swallows dancing in the air of a sexual twilight.

Now her words come out like mass products
From her trained mouth,
A mouth as talkative
As the mouth of a false prophet
At the mercy of ignorant.

If I shall be called ignorant,
God have mercy on me too

But she is a whore in a field of hot dogs,
A false swallow dancing
For a sublime phallus in a twilight.

And the words are not enough
Not enough to ruin the poem.

Because the taste of onions in between a wet armpit
Is like her wonderful smell,
An explosion of animal muck
In an endless field of dead flowers
And white pollen running across the twilights.

The bakery whispers in the dead of night,

And so many nights with your shadow in my bed,

With my pillow buried in the head,

With my pillow biting a mouth,

So many nights baby.

Baby so many nights as expensive
As Pamela Anderson,

But not tonight...

Tonight I will be pretentious
As pretentious
As a bakery whisper
Whispered by the false whisper
Of a poem.


from Compiladito Nº1, track released July 1, 2011
Música y letra: Matteo Citarella.
Producido por: Uva Robot.

Music and Lyrics: Matteo Citarella.
Produced by: Uva Robot.




Uva Robot Región Metropolitana, Chile

Uva Robot is a chilean record label created in 2011 dedicated to produce and distribute songs made by people that don’t make music for a living.

Uva Robot es un sello chileno creado el año 2011 dedicado a producir y difundir canciones realizadas por gente que no se dedica a la música profesionalmente.
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